Friday, July 23, 2010

Search Engine Optimisation Can Help You Rise Above the Recession

With the 21st century playing host to some drastic changes in the way the financial market has developed, it is more important than ever for a business to have a presence online. If you own a company you have probably already had a website setup to keep your brand in the game. Your website opens you up to a whole new target audience increasing your revenue and your awareness within the market. It also solidifies the professionalism of your brand –it lets people know that you are a company who are really in amongst the new technological age. Despite these advantages websites can be an expensive feature to have. If you have a website you will know it costs a fair bit to have a website designed and hosted for everyday use. With you having already invested a lot of money into your website, and with the recession still very much in affect, it would seem silly to not get the most out of your online presence. Well if you haven’t considered SEO, then you are doing just that.

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of manipulating a websites layout, design and content, to raise the ranking of it in search engines – in particular Google. Its common sense to know that the more traffic you get to your website the more sales you will make, and so the use of SEO can help to maximise sales by directing an increased number of people to your website. Search engines like Google work on complex algorithms that decide how websites shall be ranked for certain keywords. Although the algorithms behind search engines are extremely complex, and mainly kept as a secret, some of there rules can be gathered simply through observation.

#1 Content – The most fundamental part that the search engines base their analysis on is content. If somebody types in a few keywords how much does your website relate to those words? Is your information relevant? Have other websites referred to these keywords and linked them back to you?

#2 Popularity – If you have a lot of traffic heading towards your website you can expect your website to rank higher thanks to the search engines methods. It may seem unfair in the sense that the “rich get richer”, but you need to remember that the search engines don’t work on ethical values. If a website has been receiving a lot of hits, the search engines work under the assumption that the website offers information or services that are beneficial to its visitors.

#3 Age – The longer your website has been receiving visitors the more valuable it will be deemed by search engines. The algorithm assumes that the longer a website has been running, the more established it must be and so a better option for the searcher to click on.

Companies with knowledge in SEO can help increase the traffic directed to your website, and thus increase the amount in your wallet. They may charge a small fee but it is an investment that will prove to be very cost effective over time. Search engines like Google are gold mines for consumers. Remember that.


The use of search engine optimisation services could be the difference between the rise and fall of your business. SEO could be your weapon against the recession.

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