Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FatCow VS EBoundhost � Choices For Cheap Web Hosting

In recent years, more and more people would like to search for the cheap web hosting plans. The demand for web hosting in recent years increases because a lot of people know and experience the power of internet and they would like to set up a website and earn money. Among the possible web hosting companies which could provide cheap web hosting plans, FatCow and eBoundhosts are quite famous.

The price of the service plans from these two web hosting companies is quite attractive to people who have a limited budget. For FatCow, the price of the service plan is $5.5 per month. And for eBoundhosts, the service plan is priced at $3.95 per month. Both of the two web hosting companies are giving customers unlimited storage space, mail accounts, data transfer and bandwidth. Besides, both of the companies are offering an option that customers could register for unlimited domains in one single account.

For FatCow customers, they could enjoy 30-day money-back guarantee while eBoundhosts customers could enjoy a money-back guarantee within the first 90 days after they purchase a plan. This kind of guarantee can protect the customers and customer could think carefully when deciding on the choice of the web hosting plans.

The web hosting plans of these two companies are unique to each other indeed. For FatCow, there would be a lot of support for webmasters. For example, there would be extension of FrontPage and there would be PayPal's shopping carts pre-installed in the control panel of the web hosting plan. The website builders are comprehensive and there would be templates for customers to design the website easily. For eBoundhosts, there would be many Google custom search tools and customers could also enjoy plenty of software which could let them build a more advanced website.

Both of the companies are providing an uptime guarantee of more than 99%. There is also all-time customer support provided. FatCow makes use of wind energy to power the company and it wins the reputation of being ‘green'.

As mentioned above, the customer support from these two companies is good. FatCow would make use of tutorial and mail to help people solve the problems. There is also FAQ section and wide knowledge base which may aid the customers. On the other hand, eBoundhosts would give FAQ section to the customers and they would also have online manual. In addition, customers from this company can contact the web host by phone, though the phone call is not toll free.

Plenty of the web hosting service providers would try to update the quality and equipment for the services. And these two companies are working as the leaders in this aspect. They would have plenty of experts to help the companies to develop better. They are all experienced in web hosting and there are plenty of users of the services from these two companies.

If you do not know what you need actually, you may visit more websites or online forums and ask so that you can know the real need for your business or for your own.

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