Wednesday, July 21, 2010

FatCow VS A2Hosting � Fair Comparison For You to Take a Look

As there are many web hosting service providers on the internet nowadays, it is quite difficult for people to search for the useful web hosting service provider indeed. Whenever people try to search for the web hosting companies, they would find a long list of results in the search engine and they would run into tears because they could hardly read the information from the web hosts one by one.

If you want to find some useful web hosting companies, and you want to save time on the research, you may read this article because I am going to tell you something about two of the famous web hosting companies in the world of Internet, which are A2Hosting and FatCow.

The price of the two web hosting companies is comparable. For FatCow, the price of the web hosting service plan is as low as $5.5 each month. And for A2Hosting, customers could choose to enjoy the cheap plan, which costs $3.46 each month, or the normal plan, which is $5.57 each month.

The cheap plan in A2Hosting would include limits for storage space and data transfer, in which the limit is 10GB. For the normal plan, the features are similar to the plan offered from FatCow. Customers could enjoy unlimited storage space, data transfer and bandwidth. They could also use unlimited email accounts and they could get access to MySQL database in order to build a better website.

In the services provided by the two companies, there are both advantages and disadvantages. For FatCow, there would be a lot of suitable things for sole proprietorship. The customers could use the tools conveniently because the web host would arrange everything for the customers well. They would color the codes at different areas clearly so that people could control the website building better.

For A2Hosting, cPanel is used as the control panel. This is a well-known useful tool for the website owners to create and control the things about the website easily. With the help of this tool, the establishment of website and the further amendment on the website would be simple.

FatCow does not waste a lot of resources to launch different web hosting plans. They just specialize in the online web hosting so that they could devote themselves wholly to providing quality services for the customers. But for A2Hosting, they give a lot of various kinds of web hosting, including reseller web hosting, dedicated server web hosting, etc, to the customers.

Both of the companies provide plenty of software and management systems for the customers to manage the website well. They would also have connections with the companies like Visa and Paypal. Therefore, people may register for the merchants account in those companies faster due to the strong backup from the web hosts. It is not a must for you to purchase the web hosting service plans from these two web hosting companies, but they are generally regarded as the most efficient web hosts in the internet market. Many users say that they are reliable.

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