Wednesday, July 1, 2009

make money with your web site

Sell text links on your site

Here is the working of this My Article Network software in a nutshell:

1. Log into the posting and rewriting software.

2. Grab an article supplied.

3. Create 1 original title for the initial posting.

4. Paste the exact content of the article into the template.

5. Find 3 sentences using the supplied keyword and then create the hyper link using that keyword back to the website. No knowledge of html is necessary, all you do is highlight the text you want to link, hit the link button, then type in the url and click done. Which 3 sentences does not matter, it just cannot be the first sentence.

6. Enter the keyword tags for the article.

7. Publish that article by clicking the publish button.

8. Once published, you will be prompted to automatically rewrite the content. This is the main area of this Software - the above things can usually be done in less than 5 minutes total.

9. First you will need to rewrite the original title you created earlier. each article should have 6-9 alternate titles, some using the keyword, some not. Some content is easier to retitle than others. After all titles entered, hit submit.

10. Each sentence will be fed one by one to rewrite. The original sentence is shown above, and a content box below to rewrite the sentence. There will be 10 boxes (for 10 rewrites per sentence) but The bias should be toward 1 rewrite per sentence. Rewrite is expected to change the words used and the sentence structure, but not the meaning of the sentence. Additionally, changing 1 or 2 words per sentence is not considered a rewrite and will be rejected. Each word does not need to be replaced.

11. Continue to rewrite sentences as given until finished. At that point that article is done and you can move onto the next article.

For anyone who is even somewhat decent at writing, this is an easy software to operate. The software is very straightforward and simple, and does not require any web programming knowledge at all, and the software is web based so there is nothing to install. Use My Article Network today to know more!


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